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Storm Medical Cases

Storm Cases are outfitted with a host of standard features that make them perfect for transporting sensitive and delicate medical equipment.

Storm Medical Cases are perfect for transporting delicate and sensitive medical equipment.

Die Cut internal packing allow medical instruments to fit snugly in place preventing them from spilling while being transported and ensuring that delicate equipment isn’t damaged by accidental dropping or sliding around in the boot of a vehicle.

What Makes Storm Medical Cases better than other products on the market today?

  • Unique Press and Pull latches open with the push of a button, yet stay closed securely under impact or stress.
  • Permanently attached Vortex® valve automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water and won’t unscrew from the case.
  • Unbreakable molded-in hasps allow you to add standard side padlocks offering another level of security.
  • Unique hinges with integrated feet hold fast under impact and create a flat surface for upright stability.
  • Double layered, soft grip, solid core carrying handles provide strong, durable comfort.

Case Material:

HPX® High Performance Resin.

Latches: Press & Pull operation w/wide extra strenth design.

Stays closed when dropped.

Purge Valve: Vortex® Valve fixed permanently to the case.

Carry Handle: Durable iinside core w/ soft overlay

Nameplate Area: Adhesive labels and custom 3D Logo.

Cubed Foam System: Multilayer

Panel Mount System: Extruded aluminum rails w/ molded corner pieces. Watertight, sealed rivet attachment.

For purchase and product information for the Storm Medical Cases please contact Healthwatch Medical. Visit our Contact page here.