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About Health Watch Medical

Health Watch company and Health Watch Medical are suppliers to hospitals and hospital systems.

A few examples are as follows:

Health Watch can help your company to market products by being involved in the hospital pack and baby packs or by brochure information stands.

Health Watch is involved with the New Zealand Food and Safety Authority, Melanoma foundation, and many other large pharmaceutical companies.

News flash.
New colour changing products that Health Watch has such as textiles, plastics, and thermometers in many different varieties.

Other examples such as sunhats that change colour with the UV rays and lots of other great products can be used for fundraising.

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We offer very good packages and plans to display your innovative medical products

We offer a choice of products and services that are available through our website where you can at any time order from the web direct or on line from the supplier. Care giver Products and specialist equipment such as disability aids, elderly care products, and nursing home supplies that help make life easier for caregivers and the elderly. Our services are backed by a wide range manufacturers, wholesalers and private Insurance Companies that understand the market.

Hospital patients may need information about services to help them while in hospital, or for when they are discharged. This site assists patients where to find resources to help them recover at home.   Patients healthcare services and healthcare products, are listed in the Patient Information Packs so please do browse this site to find a full range of products and services for patients.

We are proud to be involved with the following Organizations:


Our Products


Storm Medical Cases

Storm Cases are outfitted with a host of standard features that make them perfect for transporting sensitive and delicate medical equipment. Storm Medical Cases are perfect for transporting delicate and…
SC-EB-Electromagnetic Sprayer

Electrostatic Sprayer

Health Watch Videos Health Watch Medical presents videos of Electrostatic Spraying for you to view.. This first video shows how you disinfect your equipment. This video is about the ElectroStatic…

Health Watch Hospital Information package

What is a Health Watch Hospital Info Pack? The Health Watch Hospital Package is a vehicle to get your product directly exposed to a market that you may have limited…
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