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Health Watch Hospital Information package

What is a Health Watch Hospital Info Pack?

The Health Watch Hospital Package is a vehicle to get your product directly exposed to a market that you may have limited or no access to.

How can I benefit from including my products or services in the Health Watch Hospital Pack?

This will give an idea of the exposure you or your Company will receive throughout the Hospital system by being involved with these Packs.

It is an excellent way for your information to get direct to the end user.

For each pack given out to patients, our numbers show that three more people come into contact with the product in the Packs.

Many Doctors and Nurses will also see these Packs and become familiar with your products.

The Hospital pack is for adults who are registered for one night stays and longer, and contain toiletry items and a select number of products and pamphlets.

The opportunity exists for you or your Company to market your products by being involved in the packs by way of brochures, flyers or product samples.

For information on how you can involve your products with the Health Watch Hospital Health & Information Pack, please contact us.

Visit our Contact page here.

Hospital Pack
Hospital Pack