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IT-Works Naturally

Developed in New Zealand, It-Works Naturally was originally formulated to reduce ammonia and Sulphur dioxide, two of the toxic gases that make up Acid rain, but since its development over 15 years ago, it has astonished developers and scientists with its abilty to not only elimate odour, but to eliminate chemical gases and wastes that can build up in the environment.

How does it work?

It-Works Naturally envelopes odour molecules, isolating them in the environment and allowing natural breakdown to occur while preventing the odour being released into the atmosphere. Even if a treated molecule is toxic, it remains encapsulated by I-Works Naturally until it has fully decomposed and is no longer harmful.

Product features

It-Works Naturally is specifically formulated to react with toxic chemical compounds that form toxic and odorous gases by attaching them to non-volitile, organic salts which are then consumed by bacteria.

Tested and approved by leading health and research authorities and certified to contain no toxic ingredients making it completely safe to use.

It-Works Naturally is biodegradable and has passed the OECD Test 301E Classification.

  • Medically accepted as 100% non-toxic.
  • Used to eliminate bacteria around food, in hospitals and other medical situations.
  • Powerful, non-flammable and chemically stable
  • Controls many toxic and dangerous gases by chemically changing their composition to neutralize them.
  • Works in water. Treats foul gaseous waste water and breaks up solids and fats within the water.

• Proven to eliminate toxic particles and emissions that cause air pollution and acid rain.

• Not a masking agent. It-Works Naturally eliminates odour – including vomit.

• Sanitizes benches, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, showers and can be added to carpet cleaners.

• Not tested on animals. Ever.

Certificate of Compliance It-Works Naturally / It-Works Naturally Ltd
Ntech Ref: P252-01

This is to certify that the material It-Works Naturally has been tested to an appropriate aviation standard under the supervision of CAA approved Design Organisation, Ntech Limited, and that the material meets all relevant standards and New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules and has no feature or characteristic that makes it unsafe for its intended use when in accordance with the limitations and conditions specified.


To gain acceptance for use by aviation customers, It-Works Naturally Ltd’s It-Works Naturally deodorizer, required approval to an appropriate aviation standard that would permit its use in the cabins of commercial transport aircraft. To ensure that this product is acceptable for aviation use, testing equivalent to Boeing document D6-7127, “Cleaning interiors of commercial transport aircraft” was used to determine the effects of the formulation used in It-Works Naturally deodorizer on cabin materials.

The tests found that It-Works Naturally will have no effect on the cabin materials and is therefore considered satisfactory for use on commercial transport aircraft. Also tests performed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) found the formulation used in It-Works Naturally to be suitable for use in meat, fish and game premises (although not where food is exposed), and the Institute of Environmental Research Limited (ESR) found formulation used in It-Works Naturally to pose no health risk to humans.

A full copy of this certificate is available on request.


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Contact details:

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Hepke on +64 21 592 313
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Download the IT Works Brochure, as a PDF here:

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