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Universal Antiviral Disinfectant

GeoSIL150 is approved by NZFSA as a sanitiser in premises operating under the Animal Products Act (All animal Products except Dairy) C41, C43, C61 in food preparation areas for disinfection of food processing equipment, tools, work surfaces, & water treatment etc., & by the ACVM Group as an approved Agricultural Compound (Reg. No. P7819). It is AsureQuality approved as a food contact surface sanitiser in Food / beverage / dairy factories (Ref. H1475), and AsureQuality approved as an Organic Input Cleaner (Reg. No. 0035).

The universal, non-polluting and wide range of applications, means GeoSIL® disinfectants are considered to be among the safest, most reliable and modern disinfection solutions, even under the most unfavourable conditions.


  • Air conditioning systems & cooling towers
  • Animal husbandry & health
  • Boat & caravan water tanks
  • Building water services
  • Cosmetic & pharmaceutical
  • Dairy Industry 
  • Drinking water supplies & storage tanks 
  • Fish processing 
  • Food & Beverage processing 
  • Fruit & vegetable processing 
  • General purpose disinfectant 
  • Gymnasiums
  • Horticulture and hydroponics
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • Hospitals, first aid & emergency areas
  • Household
  • Medical & veterinary services
  • Odour control
  • Poultry farms & factories
  • Public & private toilet facilities
  • Schools, kindergartens, & rest homes
  • Swimming pools spas & saunas
  • Waste disposal & storage areas
  • Wineries and breweries