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Zuma Muva Demonstration

For a quick demonstration of the Zuma Muva, click on the image below.  A new window will open.

Zuma Muva Demo


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Zuma Muva

Zuma MuvaWhat is the Zuma Muva?

It is ...

  • A Roller Sheet.

  • A patient handling and mobility aid.

  • The Zuma Muva is a continuous tube of specialized high quality nylon fabric with a low friction inner surface that slides along itself with a patient either lying or seated on it.

  • Provides multidirectional glide/slide patient transfer in the most efficient & easy manner.

  • Sliding (as distinct from lifting) is a significantly safer and easier practice for nurses as it aids caregiver turning.

Zuma Muva BagThe ZUMA MUVA is designed to hang tidily at end of bed in the ZUMA MUVA handling Bag (provided in sets of three handy for use.)  See image on the right.


What are the benefits of using the Zuma Muva?

  • Reduce effort when performing routine daily transfers such as repositioning patients in bed, stand pivots and seated pivot transfers.

  • Sliding transfers extremely easy to perform and reduce potential damage to patient's skin.

  • Reduce the risk of back injuries associated with patient handling.

  • Encourage patient independence and mobility.

  • Easy transfer between hospital bed/trolley/examination couch or operating table.

  • Provide increased patient mobility & comfort on transferring.

  • Easy to store and clean.

  • Provides healthcare employers the opportunity to ensure appropriate tools are available for the workforce at risk of back strain or injury.


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