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Ortho Pilo

What is an Ortho Pilo?

The Ortho Pilo is a clinically developed anatomical 'Wave' design pillow with multi density shaped support and Contoured Wave Insert™ to evenly distribute your head weight and neck/shoulder pressure for best posture and comfort.

How does Ortho Pilo help me?

  • Anatomical CV Contour Support for maximum comfort and neck tension relief.

  • Orthopedic CV Contour support for total support due to injury or degeneration.

  • Scientific design with new Contoured Wave Insert providing postural night time support similar to an ergonomic chair.

  • Elastima Memory Foam provides anatomical and structural support to assist Cervical Joint, Muscular and Neurological discomfort.

Too Soft

Too Flat

Too Hard

Rolled Up

Inadequate, soft or no support, can aggravate joint and muscle tension, headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort etc.  This unique, clinically designed pillow with the Contour Wave Insert ™ is specially designed to provide you with maximum anatomical overnight support (as illustrated below) compared to other pillows (as illustrated above).

For maximum comfort and
neck tension relief.
(Low Support)

For total support due to
injury or degeneration.
(High Support)


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